Charter and Annual Reporting Documents

Please find attached our College Charter for 2014-2017.

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Verdon College

Charter 2014 -2017





The College Motto is “Rely on God”


Mission Statement


Verdon College is a Catholic learning community where excellence is fostered and gospel values guide success.



Vision Statement


Verdon College aims to use gospel values to develop confident, connected, lifelong learners who are actively involved in their community.



Me a matou ki te Toroa ki te rerenga me te whakapono ki te Atua tuturi

We can all be uplifted as the albatross if we have faith and Rely on God

The Verdon Family Values

Excellence - Respect - Truth - Community

Members of the Verdon College community will live and foster the values by:

       Striving to achieve excellence and supporting all members of the community to reach their full potential.

       Respecting  others, themselves and their environment  and being responsible for their actions

       Living in a genuine and honest manner, seeking knowledge and truth.

       Demonstrating  whakawhanaungatanga, being supportive, caring, tolerant, acting with justice and serving others.



Our V8 Values


As a Catholic college our practice and delivery is underpinned by the teachings of Jesus and gospel values.  These teachings and values enthuse, inspire, inform, and underpin our common purpose at Verdon College. These teaching are conveyed and expressed in our community through the eight aspects of our charism inherited from our founding orders, St Dominic, St Catherine and St Marcellin Champagnat.



·        Focusing on what is important in our lives



·        Living in a genuine and honest way



·        Being there for others in the community



·        Demonstrating our Catholic faith through our actions



·        Expressing our faith through spiritual practice


Passion for our work and diligent study

·        Striving for excellence and enjoying the fruits of our efforts


In the Way of Mary

·        Being patient, fair, firm, loyal, kind, respectful, encouraging and forgiving.


Family Spirit and community

·        Contributing to others as family and community members




Strategic Planning Links


The planning process has its foundations within the National Educational Goals and the National Administration Guidelines. These, coupled with Understanding Faith and the National Curriculum Statements have guided the Trustees in their strategic planning.


The College acknowledges the place of the Tiriti o Waitangi in informing the college’s Board with regard to it is responsibilities to tangata whenua  and the operation of the college in a manner that is consistent with these obligations.  The College also acknowledges the special place of Ngai Tahu as Mana Whenua in relation to the operation of the College in Murihiku . The College will prioritise the resources to enable the delivery for the delivery of te reo and tikanga programmes for the students of the college to access.    


The College fosters links with Aurora College, Te Wharekura o Arowhenua and Ruru School for the benefit of students in each of these learning communities and for the mutual benefit the communities’ within this partnership.


The Board of Trustees acknowledges the traditions and heritage passed to the college from a long History of Catholic education in Invercargill.  In developing this current charter the Board acknowledges the current strengths of the College and the improvements that have been gained in the last several years. 


The Board wishes to consolidate recent developments, to set new aspirational goals and develop a future focused vision for the College which will guide the direction of the College while still staying true to the traditions of the College and the charisms of the founding orders – the Dominican Sisters and the Marist Brothers.


The College honours its professional, legal and moral requirement to deliver a curriculum that meets the highest educational standards The college is focussed on delivering the National Curriculum’s identified directions for learning: the foundations are Vision, Principles and Values linking together with key competencies and achievement objectives in the Learning Areas.





The Board acknowledges is responsibility to deliver an education programmes that support:

·        the engagement and achievement the achievement of all students.

·        the achievement of groups of identified priority learners within the College.

·        the  achievement of National Standards in mathematics reading and writing  by all students years 7 and 8.

·        the objective of 85% of school leavers achieving at least  NCEA Level 2.

·        Maori and Pasifica learners in order to maximise their success.


The Board of Trustees intends to give emphasis to the following:


       Continuing formation and development in Special Character;

       To undertake good governance of the College including being a good employer, and ensuring that the learning provides the best possible opportunities and outcomes for the students and staff of the college.

       The promotion of excellence within all aspects of teaching and learning ;

       To develop all aspects of the college with a view to achieving excellence in all that we do.

       Prioritising strategies to maximise the outcomes for all students particularly Maori and Pacifica students

       On-going professional development of the staff to promote excellence in teaching and learning;

       Ensuring the school has a very active, supportive community comprising past pupils, staff, parents and friends of the College;

       Providing resources to create an educational environment that enables students to become effective and connected  21st citizens

       Developing goals and monitoring the achievement of students in years 7 and 8, in relation to National Standards in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

       Providing support and resource to groups of students identified as requiring extra support in order to realise their potential


The College has formed goals in relation to students’ achievement in recognition that all students’ achievement will be raised by introducing, into the College, effective pedagogy that has been shown through Te Kotahitanga, Ka Hikatia and He Kakano programmes and research, as effective in maximising educational outcomes for Maori. The College goals included within this Charter should be viewed from the perspective that through our involvement in the He Kakano initiative that we have developed an understanding “That what is good for Maori is good for all” and as such goals and objectives within this Charter document have been develop with this perspective and the underpinning values of our Special Character.



Strategic Vision


Our vision for the Year 2014 – 2017 is to retain our strengths while at the same time, being responsive to the changing needs of our students and our community.


Ko te tamaiti te Putake o te kaupapa - The Child is the Heart of the Matter

A priority is seen as ensuring that we are focussed on making the child the heart of the matter and that our effort in all things are focused on supporting each student to develop to their full potential in all areas of their lives. 

Ū ki te ako, tu tangata ai apōpō  -Excel in teaching so our learners  will excel in the future

The Board is also focussed on ensuring that there is a culture of excellence in the delivery of teaching and learning programmes within the College.  The Board is focussed on ensuring that the teaching staff of the College is as effective as possible in delivering outcomes for the students of the College.  This requires the board to develop structure processes to employ support and develop the teaching staff of the college towards being seen as leaders in their respective fields.


       An unwavering focus on quality teaching and learning to support students achievement.

       Fostering and enhancing understanding of the traditions and values of the College community – our special character.

       Developing the College programmes and community structures to better support the achievement of all students.

       Ensuring high personal achievement levels for all students in spiritual, academic, sports, cultural, leadership and social dimensions.

       A continued focus on achievement for all students while focusing on a culture of pursuing excellence both as individuals and as a community.

       Developing teaching staff professional knowledge in appropriate strategies to maximise success for Maori students and all students within the College.

       Providing appropriate buildings and learning environment to engage and support students enabling them to access 21st century learning opportunities.

       Maintaining and improving our commitment to our Maori community and other cultural groups.

       Fostering an environment where people are respected, feel positive about themselves, can express their ideas and feel part of the decision making processes of the College.


Strategic Goals

Our goals define the areas that have been identified by the College community to focus upon during the next 4 years. The order in which these goals are presented is not intended to indicate any particular priority; we believe that all these goals are important.

1   Teaching and Learning                       To ensure that teaching and learning practices and the                                                                                allocation resources results in the achievement of                                                                                         excellence, providing an environment where each student’s                                                                        potential is maximised


2 A Culture of Excellence                       To aspire to and expect excellence across all aspects of the                                                                         College; teaching and learning, cultural, sporting, student                                                                            achievement, special character, facilities,operation and                                                                                management

 3 A Community of Character                 The College environment is reflective of and is underpinned by                                                                     core values of Excellence- Respect - Truth - Community


4 Maori students’ achievement              To maintain and further develop a school culture and                                                                                   environment that supports and maximises the achievement of                                                                     Maori students.

5 Special Character                                 To continue to develop the College’s special Catholic                                                                                    character in the traditions of the Marist Brothers and                                                                                    Dominican Sisters

6 Student Achievement                          Support high levels of achievement for all students, ensuring                                                                     learning progression for all within a culture that fosters the                                                                         pursuit of educational excellence as individuals and as a                                                                             community.

7 Resources                                             Develop appropriate financial processes and  programmes                                                                           to ensure resources are available to support the development                                                                    of the College leading to improved success for all members of                                                                   the community.


8 Property                                                 Develop the College environment to provide an up to date                                                                            modern learning  environment to support community                                                                                    members’ engagement involvement and success.





Strategic Planning and Direction.




Objectives 2014 -2017


1   Teaching and Learning


To ensure that teaching and learning  practices and allocation of resources results in the achievement of excellence

providing an environment where each students potential is maximised


       Teaching and learning is at the centre of everything that we do effort are aimed at making the teaching and learning as effective as possible

       Develop a pool of great teachers who want to be part of a great team and continue with their learning development

       Provide development opportunities to assist our great teachers aspirational growth and development

       Support our great  teachers to be recognised as leaders in their field

       Our great teachers employ 21st century teaching practises to deliver a well-rounded curriculum which is based on teacher enquiry and action research

       Quality learning programmes are delivered to support students achievement

       Teacher keep pace and embrace curriculum and pedagogical change

         Ensure that effective self-review processes are in place to support learning programme and personnel development.

2  A Culture of Excellence

To aspire to and expect excellence across all aspects of the College; teaching and learning, cultural, sporting, students achievement, special character, facilities, operation and management


       NCEA achievement will be significantly above national averages and decile averages and a focus to being the best in the city

       The College will be recognised  at a regional and national level in sporting, cultural and academic competitions

       Students are proud to be know as Verdon College students because the college is known for excellence.

       Verdon College is the College of choice for the Catholic community of Invercargill and wider community.

       Teachers expect themselves their peers and their students to aspire to excellence.

       Retain recruit and develop excellent teachers and create an environment that enables them to succeed.

       Ensure self-review processes and practices are in place to support progress towards achieving excellence I all areas of the College

3 Community of  Character


The College community is reflective of and underpinned by the core values of Excellence – Respect – Truth and Community


       The College is seen within the Catholic and wider community to be a college that reflects the core values.

       Develop school pastoral process and procedures to support students’ development of core values.

       Develop a shared understanding of the meaning and application of the core values across all member of the Verdon community.

       Develop opportunities to communicate and discuss these core values within the College and wider community.

       Staff and students consistently display and role model the core values in everyday interactions.

       Create opportunities for Verdon community member to contribute to the wider community.

4 Maori students’ achievement.


To maintain and further develop a school culture and environment that supports and maximises the achievement of Maori students.

       Develop effective processes and procedures within the College to deliver equity of access leading to   equality of achievement for Maori Learners and their whanau.

       Maori students achievement will be above national level for Maori students and the same level or better than all other student at the College.

       Students participate in opportunities to succeed as Maori such as Marae visits , Manu Korero speech competitions and opportunities to participate in the wider Maori community as Maori

       Continue professional development for staff on strategy that support and maximise the success for Maori Develop the college environment to reflect the bicultural nature of the College.

       Further develop and support an effective whanau group and Rangatahi Piki Ake group

       Develop opportunities for Maori to be involved in te reo and Tikanga Maori programmes.

       Further develop mutually beneficial relationships with iwi, local runaka, whanau and other kura.

5  Special Character


To continue to develop the college’s special Catholic character in the traditions of the Marist Brothers and Dominican Sisters.

       Ensure the environment of the College reflects the V8 values

       Ensure all staff understand, are supportive of and role model the Catholic character of the College.

       Ensure policy and procedure reflects the Catholic nature of the College and community.

       Continue to develop opportunities for students to demonstrate Catholic character by attendance of, and involvement in tutor group liturgies, prayer and Mass.

       Continue to develop the culture of the College so that the Catholic nature of the College is tangible and observable in everyday activities.

       Continue to develop opportunities for students to be involved in parish activities and for the parish community to be involved in College life.

       Continue to develop Religious Education programmes within the College.


6 Student Achievement


Support high levels of achievement for all students, ensuring learning progression for all, and a culture or pursuit of educational excellence as individuals and a community.

       Continue to develop College processes in order to support every learner to be able to reach their full potential.

       Continue to develop processes to identify and address factors limiting students’ achievement and success within the College.

       To maintain and further develop success of students in NCEA qualifications with a focus on the achievement of excellence and merit endorsement

       Further develop opportunities to achieve in scholarship, external competitions and learning opportunities outside the classroom on a regional and national stage.

       Develop and monitor progression towards specific targets for Reading, Writing and Mathematics in year 7 and 8 to maximise learner success in the achievement of National standards.

       Develop processes and practices that focus on the retention and engagement of students towards achieving a 100% of Leavers at Verdon College have at least NCEA level 2.

        Further develop tracking programmes and data analysis and usage to inform teaching practice in the College to assess individual and cohort progress.


7 Resources


Develop appropriate financial processes and programmes to ensure resources are available to support the development of the College leading to improved success for all members of the community.


       Provide adequate budgeting financial processes to ensure that the College is managed appropriately to build on College resources.

       To ensure that resources are provided to ensure that all students achieve to their maximum potential.

       To raise funds  to provided resources to support students to achieve to their full potential.

       Identify and / or create programmes to support our great teachers aspiration growth and development.

       Allocate money to further develop the learning spaces of the College to support the achievement of all learners.

         Develop processes of self-review to identify areas of need within the College for which resources should be prioritised.

8 Property


 Develop the College environment to provide an up to date modern learning environment.

       Further develop te reo and “whare” area of the College within existing teaching spaces to support Maori students achievement. 

       Develop Maori imagery in the College celebrating our diverse community.

       Continue with exterior maintenance plan to ensure weather tightness of the College.

       Continue the modernisation of learning spaces within the College to enable flexible 21st century learning.

       Develop the college property to improve access to the College.

       Develop the property to a high level to engender a sense of pride in the community.

        Develop and implement plans for the maintenance of non-integrated property within the College supported by locally raised funds.