Charter and Annual Reporting Documents

Please find attached our College Charter for 2018-2021.

Feel free to provide feedback on our charter as community members through our contacts page.

The College Background Information

Verdon College is an integrated Catholic co-educational school offering education in years 7- 13 with a special character that is gospel centered.

The school was established in 1982 by the amalgamation of Marist College and St Catherine’s College.

Verdon was the name of the second Bishop of Dunedin who did much to support the early steps taken by the Dominican Sisters and the Marist Brothers to provide a Catholic education for young people of Invercargill and Southland.

The Proprietor is the Catholic Bishop of the Dunedin Diocese. The College has a maximum roll of 700 students. Over the last few years the College has developed a high level of student success in NCEA qualification and the roll has increased year on year for the past several years with the roll expected to be in excess of the maximum of 700 students.  The on-going expected future intake to the College at year 7 will be 100 -105 students. 

The ethnic makeup of Verdon College reflects the wider Invercargill demographic. 75 % of Verdon College students identify as New Zealand European. Maori students make up 18% of the roll, Pacifica students total 3% and Asian students represent 4% of the learning community.


While the College has an on-going policy of inclusion of students with special needs in mainstream classes, in 2014  year 7-10 students from Ruru School joined the Verdon community in a new facility known as the Verdon Satellite. The Board see the operation of this Verdon Satellite as another opportunity to live our values of inclusion and support the families of our wider community.

The College Motto is “Rely on God”

Mission Statement

Verdon College is a Catholic learning community where excellence is fostered and gospel values guide success.


Vision Statement

Verdon College aims to use gospel values to develop confident, connected, lifelong learners who are actively involved in their community.



Me a matou ki te Toroa ki te rerenga me te whakapono ki te Atua tuturi

We can all be uplifted as the albatross if we have faith and Rely on God

The Verdon Family Values

Excellence - Respect - Truth - Community

Members of the Verdon College community will live and foster the values by:

      Striving to achieve excellence and supporting all members of the community to reach their full potential.

      Respecting  others, themselves and their environment  and being responsible for their actions

      Living in a genuine and honest manner, seeking knowledge and truth.

      Demonstrating  whakawhanaungatanga, being supportive, caring, tolerant, acting with justice and serving others.


Our V8 Values


As a Catholic College our practice and delivery is underpinned by the teachings of Jesus and gospel values.  These teachings and values enthuse, inspire, inform, and underpin our common purpose at Verdon College. These teaching are conveyed and expressed in our community through the eight aspects of our charism inherited from our founding orders, St Dominic, St Catherine and St Marcellin Champagnat. These we acknowledge as our responsibility translated to the 4 core values which now represent our V8 vision.

            The Verdon Family                                    Values





Key Driving Statements and Intentions “Rely on God”

Me a matou ki te Toroa ki te rerenga me te whakapono ki te Atua tuturi

We can all be uplifted as the albatross if we have faith and Rely on God

Ko te tamaiti te Putake o te kaupapa – The Child is the Heart of the Matter

Ū ki te ako, tu tangata ai apōpō  - Excel in teaching so our learners will excel in the future

Verdon College has SOUL


Striving to be the best that we can be

Owning our Community

Understanding and respect for all 

Living our Catholic Values


Whakapaka values

Simplicity - Focusing on what is important in our lives.


Truth - Living in a genuine and honest way.


Presence - Being there for others in the community.


Witness - Demonstrating our Catholic faith through our actions.


Prayer - Expressing our faith through spiritual practice.


Passion for our work and diligent study - Striving for excellence and enjoying the fruits of our efforts.


In the Way of Mary - Being patient, fair, firm, loyal, kind, respectful, encouraging and forgiving.


Family Spirit and community - Contributing to others as family and community members.



Strategic Planning Links

The planning process has its foundations within the National Educational Goals and the National Administration Guidelines. These, coupled with Understanding Faith and the National Curriculum Statements have guided the Trustees in their strategic planning.

The College acknowledges the place of the Tiriti o Waitangi in informing the College’s Board with regard to its responsibilities to tangata whenua  and the operation of the College in a manner that is consistent with these obligations.  The College also acknowledges the special place of Ngai Tahu as Mana Whenua in relation to the operation of the College in Murihiku . The College will prioritise the resources to enable the delivery for the delivery of te reo and tikanga programmes for the students of the College to access.    

The Board acknowledges the work that has occurred with contributing primaries and partnership schools over the past few years and the benefits that this has provided our community.  We are focussed on continuing this work potentially through Communities of Learning if that pathway is consistent with our Catholic ways of working and reflective of kaupapa Maori beneficial to all parities

The College fosters links with Aurora College, Te Wharekura o Arowhenua and Ruru School for the benefit of students in each of these learning communities and for the mutual benefit the communities within this partnership.

In developing this current charter the Board acknowledges the current strengths of the College and the improvements that have been gained in the last several years. 

The Board wishes to continue to set new aspirational goals and develop a future for the College which will guide the direction of the College while still staying true to the traditions and the charisms of the founding orders – the Dominican Sisters and the Marist Brothers.

The College is focussed on delivering the National Curriculum’s identified directions for learning: the foundations are Vision, Principles and Values linking together with key competencies and achievement objectives in the Learning Areas.

The Board acknowledges its responsibility to deliver education programmes that support:

·       the engagement and achievement of all students.

·       the achievement of groups of identified priority learners within the College.

·       the achievement of National Standards (or replacement) in Mathematics, Reading and Writing  by all students in years 7 and 8.

·       the objective of 85% of school leavers achieving at least NCEA Level 2.

·       Maori and Pasifica learners in order to maximise their success.


The Board of Trustees intends to give emphasis to the following:


      Continuing formation and development in Special Character;

      To undertake good governance of the College including being a good employer, and ensuring that the learning provides the best possible opportunities and outcomes for the students and staff of the College.

      The promotion of excellence within all aspects of teaching and learning.

      To develop all aspects of the College with a view to achieving excellence in all that we do.

      Prioritising strategies to maximise the outcomes for all students particularly Maori and Pacifica students.

      On-going professional development of the staff to promote excellence in teaching and learning.

      Ensuring the school has a very active, supportive community comprising past pupils, staff, parents and friends of the College.

      Providing resources to create an educational environment that enables students to become effective and connected  21st  century citizens.

      Developing goals and monitoring the achievement of students in years 7 and 8, in relation to National Standards in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

      Providing support and resource to groups of students identified as requiring extra support in order to realise their potential.


The College has formed goals in relation to students’ achievement in recognition that all students’ achievement will be raised by introducing, into the College, effective pedagogy that has been shown through Te Kotahitanga, Ka Hikatia and He Kakano programmes and research, as effective in maximising educational outcomes for Maori. The College goals included within this Charter should be viewed from the perspective that through our involvement in the He Kakano initiative we have developed an understanding “That what is good for Maori is good for all” and as such goals and objectives within this Charter document have been developed with this perspective and the underpinning values of our Special Character.


Strategic Vision


Our vision for the Year 2018 – 2021 is to retain our strengths while at the same time, being responsive to the changing needs of our students and our community.


Ko te tamaiti te Putake o te kaupapa - The Child is the Heart of the Matter

A priority is seen as ensuring that we are focussed on making the child the heart of the matter and that our effort in all things are focused on supporting each student to develop to their full potential in all areas of their lives. 

Ū ki te ako, tu tangata ai apōpō  -Excel in teaching so our learners will excel in the future

The Board is also focussed on ensuring that there is a culture of excellence in the delivery of teaching and learning programmes within the College.  The Board is focussed on ensuring that the teaching staff of the College is as effective as possible in delivering outcomes for the students of the College.  This requires the Board to maintain structure and processes to employ, support and develop the teaching staff of the College towards being seen as leaders in their respective fields.


      An unwavering focus on quality teaching and learning to support students’ achievement.

      Fostering and enhancing understanding of the traditions and values of the College community – our Special Character.

      Developing the College programmes and community structures to better support the achievement of all students.

      Ensuring high personal achievement levels for all students in spiritual, academic, sports, cultural, leadership and social dimensions.

      A continued focus on achievement for all students while focusing on a culture of pursuing excellence both as individuals and as a community.

      Developing teaching staff professional knowledge in appropriate strategies to maximise success for Maori students and all students within the College.

      Providing appropriate buildings and learning environment to engage and support students enabling them to access 21st century learning opportunities.

      Maintaining and improving our commitment to our Maori community and other cultural groups.

      Fostering an environment where people are respected, feel positive about themselves, can express their ideas and feel part of the decision making processes of the College.


Strategic Goals

Our goals define the areas that have been identified by the College community to focus upon during the next 4 years. The order in which these goals are presented is not intended to indicate any particular priority; we believe that all these goals are important.

Development area


Objectives 2018 -2021


Owning our Community .

All levels of the community are invested in actively participating in maintaining and developing the quality of our community.


·        Maintaining and developing physical resources of the College to support the work of staff and students.                                                                                   

·        Develop the Verdon College has SOUL concept as an approach to personal relationships and interaction across all levels of our community.

·        Further develop pastoral processes to support the success for every student towards developing community relationships meaningful success and engagement beyond school.

·        Develop a culture of contributing to others, working collaboratively with the wider community for  the benefit of young person’s holistic wellbeing so they can be active contributing members of a community.

·        Develop mutually beneficial partnerships that support our students’ learning and community.

·        Develop a culture of personal and community accountability towards delivering outcomes for our entire community.



Striving to be the best that we can be.

All members of our community are working to develop themselves to attain the highest personal standards


·        Students’ achievement targets are set at all levels of the College and processes and practice reviewed regularly and appropriately towards achieving progress towards each student being the best they can be.

·        Maintain and improve on high levels of academic achievement and maintain parity of achievement for Maori students.

·        Ensure that we are developing the physical and financial resources of the College towards underpinning students’ success.

·        Recruiting and providing opportunity for training for staff to develop professionally and to enable them to develop best results for our students and community. Supporting their professional success.

·        Continue to develop the quality of the educational experience at Verdon College making it first choice for Catholic students in Invercargill.

·        Further develop and maintain for all a focus on self-review and best practice towards continual improvement and innovation.


Understanding and respect for all. 

All members of the community are working to develop productive supportive relationships underpinning each other’s success and well-being.


·        Ensure that the importance of te Ao Maori Kaupapa Maoris and te reo Maori has a priority place interwoven within the operation of the College towards underpinning success of all.

·        Verdon College is seen by all in the community that it is focused on celebrating and supporting individuals’ talents and inclusive of individualism and support of all cultures while holding true to Catholic character.

·        Fundamental to all interaction of the College is for each member to  recognize and acknowledge each members cultural and social background to forming understanding and productive relationships.

·        That students experience a safe, welcoming, supportive environment second to none in Invercargill, supported by effective processes

·        That we are seen in the wider community as a place that supports all peoples and lives the teaching of Jesus.




Living our Catholics Values

As a Catholic community all members are working to ensure our Catholic character underpins and central to all that we do


·        Continue to work towards developing a community that is more Catholic yet inclusive towards positivity of welcoming new people to our Catholic community and reigniting Catholic faith.

·        Continue to develop expression of Catholic faith, masses and liturgies as part of our everyday life at the College.

·        Make living the fundamental teachings of Jesus and gospel underpin all our work within the College.

·        Continue to make living whakapapa our Marist and Dominican charism and the foundations community values underpin our heritage.

·        Develop our teaching staff understanding of Catholic character and their ability to feel involved in this aspect of the College whatever their background.




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