Principal's Comment

posted 13 Nov 2019, 16:14 by

Kia ora Koutou  katoa

 It was again a real privilege to be able to celebrate the successes of our students at Prize giving. Even though we  participate in the work with our students during the year I am always proud of and encouraged by the level and breadth of success of our students. Our Leavers’ Mass was a very special occasion and it was great to see so many parents and family members there to join in the celebration. The shift to the new format of the combined Leavers Mass and end of year Thanksgiving Mass was a real success. It has been great to be able to celebrate the school year 13 leavers as they set out on their journey.  As always they are a talented set of young people that we can be really proud of. It is apparent that in reading through their future destination that we have as a community raised some pretty terrific young people with bright futures.

 The Board have made the decision to opt into the government’s new donations scheme.  There are some fishhooks in the scheme which make it more difficult for schools to manage some current normal processes that support a rich and diverse curriculum. Our decision to opt in still comes with the concern as to whether we will be able to run camps as we have in the past and we will work through that discussion. The positive of the scheme is that from next year parents will not be asked for any donation or recoveries for curriculum expenses by the College. Again camps, sports and some optional extras will continue to be the exception. I will communicate more on this in the near future.

 I appreciate all the support that staff and parents have provided for the delivery of Deep Cove camps which have been again a really great success and thank parents and staff preparing for the year 10 Borland camp in the near future. I would encourage parents if you are interested in attending this camp as a support person to contact the College.

 I would ask that you keep Fr Hook in your prayers.  He has not been so well of late. As we all know he always puts others before himself and is a great example in that respect, but it makes his work load quite taxing.  It would be great if we could send him our best wishes and prayers as he works through recovery from illness and we will hopefully have him fighting fit and back on deck soon.


God bless