Principal's Comment

posted 6 May 2012, 22:22 by Karyn Dykes   [ updated 6 May 2012, 22:22 by Dave Hartley ]

Tena Koutou Katoa

 The term has begun very well and students have settled to the task of focusing on academic studies very quickly after a well deserved holiday.  It was very pleasing to see so many of our students with their families at the Dawn Service on ANZAC Day.  Our remembrance of such events is important as part of our understanding of who we are as New Zealanders.  I was very proud of the way in which students showed their respect for our fallen soldiers at our ANZAC liturgy the Thursday following ANZAC Day. We continue to build on our traditions at the College and I believe our remembrance of ANZAC Day will continue to develop as a significant event for the College.

For some time our dedicated students have been involved in preparations for our annual production. This year the College will be performing Oliver.  It is always fantastic to see the dedication and hard work that such a large group of students put into learning their songs and dance routines.  Our production is a fantastic learning opportunity for the students of the College and the number of students involved at such a variety of levels is a very special feature of the College.

I would like to acknowledge all those staff, members of the community and parents that have supported the students during this time.  I would like to specially thank Jan Brown, Mr Menzies, Mrs Fabre, Mrs More and Mr Winders for their enormous commitment to the staging of the production and the numerous hours that they have spent assisting the students in their preparation.

I would also like acknowledge the support of  Sunrise Rotary who have a special relationship with the College.  The Sunrise Rotary supports the College in many ways including supporting students with scholarships to attend Science and Leadership courses as well as a number of student exchanges.  

We are very grateful of the support that we receive from Sunrise Rotary.  In appreciation of this support the College is  supporting Sunrise Rotary with their fundraising to fight polio.  Over the next few months we are aiming to collect 10,000 items of electronic media such as old videos CD’s etc and we will be asking students and families to contribute these old items to the College so that they can be used by the Rotary for their second hand electronic media item sale. I would ask for your support of the College efforts to collect old electronic media and support this worthy cause.

God Bless