Principals Comment

posted 13 Feb 2020, 12:29 by   [ updated 2 Mar 2020, 15:58 ]

Kia ora koutou katoa

 We are well underway with our year and students are making good progress with their learning with a very positive vibe around the College. It was great to see students work so well together during sports day and we had a really positive Ash Wednesday Liturgy. A big thank you to Maria Lucero our new Director of Catholic character for inspiring us with a change to our liturgy and getting students involved in the Ash Wednesday message.

We have had some really neat project’s coming out of our new programme at year 11 to 13 where our students are doing positive Socials Actions as students of a Catholic school.   Students are expected to choose the social action that they want to undertake that matches their skills. This might take the form of working with younger students in the around the College in various ways to being active in our community. Some really neat things are occurring, including some of our young men going to spend time with elderly gents at Calvary home and organizing bingo for them, Students assisting younger students with their reading or music and our students getting involved in community and charity events to mention a few. We are excited that so many of our senior students are finding something to do and developing and understanding that community means giving to others without expectation of  return.  We are also excited that so many of our students once involved in these activities are finding these activities personally rewarding.

 From time to time we will have teachers away with illness,  family matters or supporting our students with sporting and cultural events camp etc.  As a community we like to support those teachers at those times and students through providing staff to supervise trips. When time away is a little prolonged we will do our best to make arrangements to cover classes We  appreciate our community's support of our staff when they are required to be away in such circumstances.  I am always happy to answer any questions directly if you want to clarify any situation in this area.

 I would ask everyone to keep those members of our community that have family members that are struggling with the loss and illness of loved ones in your prayers. We pray for their recovery and strength and faith for the family members through difficult times. It is important that we are all there to support those families and others in the wider community at such times.

God Bless

 Jarlath Kelly