Principals Comment

posted 13 Feb 2020, 12:29 by Leana Breen   [ updated 13 Feb 2020, 12:48 ]

It has been a really positive although a little chilly start to the year.  We have had a wonderful start with our new students who are already underway and mixing it up with senior students during Peer Support and House Picnics. It is really positive to see the senior students focusing on helping our younger students get adjusted to their new school.

We had a wonderful start with our Opening Mass on Friday with Fr Pat leading the Mass. It was great to see St Theresa's full to capacity followed by students having a great time at House Picnics. This is another important way that our students get to know each other and form the bonds that underpin their success at the College.

We have begun the year once again with a completely full roll of just over 740 students. We apologise to those families who have continued to seek enrolment this year that we are unable to place due to lack of space at the College due to having a full roll at this time. 

I am very pleased once again with the positive results in the NCEA examinations. We can be really proud of these results which year on year continue to be consistently high levels and credit to the efforts of both staff and students in supporting this achievement.

We have made some changes to our invoicing systems and cost recoveries for 2020. I would ask all parents to take time to read through information about our costs since entering the school donations scheme that was sent out with statements recently.

Finally, I would ask people to keep in their prayers all those in our community struggling with illness. We pray for those that are unwell and ask for support and strength for their families at this time.


God Bless


Jarlath Kelly