Principal's Comment

posted 8 Nov 2012, 20:12 by Karyn Dykes   [ updated 8 Nov 2012, 20:12 by Dave Hartley ]

Tena koutou katoa

I would like to acknowledge the work of the year 13 students as they complete their finals days at the College.  We often discuss with students, as they enter year 13, what legacy they would like to leave in the College when they complete their last year.  In reflecting on this, I believe that this year's Year 13 have led the College  through the values of passion for work combined with a demonstrated understanding of whanau and family spirit.  Their example has been an extremely positive influence on students in the  younger years of the College

I would like to thank the Year 13 students for their leadership and commitment to the charisms of the College throughout this last year. They have left a lasting positive legacy from their time and I thank them all for their work and for their positive leadership of the College this year and wish them well as they continue their journey beyond the College.

I wish all of the senior students the best for their examinations.  I encourage all students to continue with their study towards achieving to their full potential in NCEA examinations. Many of the teachers are holding tutorials leading up to examinations and I encourage  students to make the most of these final opportunities to sharpen their skills and knowledge prior to undertaking their external examinations.

I would like to thank the PTA for their work in preparation for our annual Truffle Fundraiser.  I would encourage as many students and families as possible  to help this Friday and Saturday with truffle making.  This has been an extremely successful and fundraising event in the past and the money raised has made a significant contribution to the facilities in the College.

I conclude by thanking all of those coaches, managers, teachers mentors and community members that have contributed so much to the success of our senior students throughout the year.  Our students have received so much support in their academic sporting and cultural endeavours and could not have achieved all that they have this year without your hard work and support.  On behalf of our senior students I would like to let you know how much your input and time is appreciated.


God Bless

Jarlath Kelly