Principal's Comment

posted 26 May 2013, 16:28 by Karyn Dykes

Tena koutou katoa

I would like to welcome all students back to the College for term two of the year. It is always great to see the students of the College come back after a restful holiday break, keen to catch up with friends and get on with the business of learning and achieving.  Term two is the term where much of the important learning and work occurs for senior students, with much of the internal assessment for NCEA being completed over this term.  It is important that students are planning their approach to assessment work and balancing their time to ensure that they are achieving in all subject areas.  Most senior students, depending on their level  of study and subjects, will have between one and a half to three hours of homework or assignment work to complete each night over this term.  If parents have any queries relating to their son’s or daughter’s progress feel free to contact the year level deans at the College for assistance.

This year we are continuing to focus on lifting the already positive levels of student achievement with our message of 14.  Our expectation of students is that they will achieve, as a minimum, 14 credits  in each of their subjects.  We are also expecting students to be aiming for subject, and NCEA certificate endorsement, by achieving a minimum of 14 credits at Merit or Excellence level in all subject areas where possible. We are also encouraging students to focus on external examinations, even at this stage of the year, as early preparation is the key to success  in these examinations.

I would like to thank the community for their support of the PTA oyster raffle.   I would also  like to thank all those on the PTA that have done so much to make this fundraiser a success.

There are a number of families and community members that are struggling with illness at this time. We ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

God Bless

Jarlath Kelly