Principal's Comment

posted 15 Nov 2011, 18:51 by Karyn Dykes   [ updated 15 Nov 2011, 18:51 by Dave Hartley ]

Tena koutou katoa

                                          This week I had the pleasure of                                                           attending Year 7 Camp.  I have always considered school camps  as an important part of a New Zealand education and an important experience for our students to learn about themselves and others. The camps were an outstanding success. The way in which students participated so fully in all activities enabled them to have an extremely positive and valuable experience.  I would like to thank all those parents and staff that attended this camp, your assistance and participation is greatly appreciated.

As we approach the end of another year we begin our planning for 2012.  Course selection for students will be occurring in the next few weeks and I would encourage all parents to take the time to involve themselves in this process.

Senior students will have received feedback about their current progress in recent examinations.  This feedback will  provide students with information regarding which areas of their learning that require further development.  Senior students should use this feedback to develop study programmes to ensure their success. It is extremely important that while seniors take some time in these up-coming holidays to recharge the batteries,  they must also have one eye on upcoming external examinations and be working on their revision. 

We have had an extremely positive year in terms of the academic progress of students at all levels of the College.  It is now up to senior students to finish the year in the best possible fashion.

God Bless

Jarlath Kelly