Principal's Comment

posted 16 Feb 2015, 11:14 by Karyn Dykes

Tena koutou katoa

warm welcome back to all students and families for the 2015 year. Already we have had a very positive        start to the year with our students well underway with their academic studies.  We have been very pleased to welcome 110 very enthusiastic students into year 7 and another 18 students at other levels of the College this year. There is a real buzz and energy around the College.

 Our College mass was a great occasion. Our roll is to a level now that we were barely able to squeeze into St Theresa's with standing room only.  Our Catholic faith is central to what we do at the College I was very pleased to be able to see the biggest ever Verdon College mass and the positive contribution of the students to the celebration. 

 Many of you will already be aware of the outstanding success that our students achieved in NCEA last year.  91.5% achievement  of NCEA Level 1, 94.9% achievement of NCEA Level 2 and 78% achievement of NCEA level 3.  We have also been very pleased by the very high number of students achieving Excellence and Merit endorsement at all three levels of NCEA.  These result are again another improvement on year on year increases in success that we have had over the last several years.

 As a staff we have looked  at how we can develop the College to continue to raise the bar for ourselves in relation to how we are working to support students success. This year in particular we are focusing on developing achievement of excellence at all levels of the College and supporting the extension of students with talent in individual areas.  We have introduced some innovative solutions to support the extension of students and are keen to hear from parents and pupils wishing to take up these opportunities this year.

As many of you will know John Baird, long time teacher at the College has been ill for some time and continues to be very unwell.  I would ask that you keep John and  his family in your prayers.  We  pray that for the Grace of God to be with John and his family  and that they receive strength through our prayers to assist the family at this difficult time.                                                      


God Bless

Jarlath Kelly