Principal's Comment

posted 20 May 2015, 22:25 by Karyn Dykes

Kia ora koutou katoa

 The term is well underway with students thoroughly involved in their studies with a very positive start to the term. This focused attitude and culture across the College is reflected in the ever increasing numbers of students gaining top scholar awards in fortnightly reports. These reports and certificates are an important piece of feedback for students and parents and a great opportunity to discuss the positive progress of our students. Over the years we have found that it is the positive discussions around the awarding of the certificates and the regular positive feedback that students receive about their efforts that has been a very positive motivator.  Equally I would continue to encourage students that are a little behind of where they would like to be, to discuss their grades with their teachers towards working to constantly improve their academic performance.

 Students in the senior school are well underway on their journey in terms of NCEA assessment.  All students will have received a course outline with dates for assessment in each subject.  If your son or daughter is unclear about assessments they should talk to their teacher about assessment requirements on an ongoing basis.  We also encourage parents to discuss these assessment timelines with your son or daughter. Additionally we encourage parents to make contact with their child's Dean or classroom teacher if you have any queries relating to assessment.

We are all very proud of the work that the students are putting into the arts Showcase there is a real focus of students sharing their skills, with many students demonstrating leaderships skills at all levels of the College. In educating the young people of our College we are focused on preparing them in the best possible way for their futures.  It is important that we are creating the space for students to try new things, take risks, and to learn by their mistakes.  Throughout the College, in examples such as the Showcase, we can see the wonderful gains that our students are making in these situations and we can be very proud of the way they are sharing their skills and supporting each other towards success.

 We wish all those involved in the Showcase all the best for their performances over the next week and encourage as many families as possible to attend this art extravaganza.

 God Bless 

Jarlath Kelly