Principal's Comment

posted 26 Feb 2012, 15:15 by Karyn Dykes   [ updated 26 Feb 2012, 15:15 by Dave Hartley ]

Tena koutou katoa


Our positive start to the year has continued with  a number of significant events held in the College over the last two weeks.   The year 7 and 8 meet the teachers evening was well attended. I would like to thank all those parents that have attended.  It is always a good opportunity for our staff to have time to get to know parents and to discuss our plans for students’ progress for the year.

Our Athletics Sports was held on the 15th of February in glorious sunshine. This year we again had an increase in participation in all events.  House spirit and healthy competition was in evidence throughout the day. Results for the Athletics will be published once final events are completed this week.

We have also focused on our special character through our Ash Wednesday Liturgy.  Lent is an important time of the year  and I would encourage all students to reflect on how they are living their lives and demonstrating our gospel values during this special time of year.

Students have received feedback on their progress  through our fortnightly reports system. We look forward to students reflecting on this feedback and working to achieve to the highest level in all subject  areas.

Further to the results published in the last newsletter additional evidence of how positive our students achievement was last year can be evidenced in the number of endorsements that were achieved at all levels of NCEA last year. Of those students achieving NCEA 42% achieved endorsement at level 1, 29% at Level 2 and 22.5 at Level 3. I encourage all students to set goals for the achievement this year so that they can share in this success.

Planning for year 9 camp is underway.  We are committed to supporting every child attending camp as we see it as an important part of our curriculum at the College.  If there are any concerns or issues relating to a student’s ability to attend camp we are happy to hear from you and assist in ensuring that all students can attend camp.

God Bless          

Jarlath Kelly