Principal's Comment

posted 3 Dec 2017, 19:14 by Karyn Dykes

Kia ora koutou katoa

 Our year 9 and 10 examinations have gone very well. It is a great opportunity for student's to develop skills that they will need in Year 11- 13 for NCEA as well as an opportunity to evaluate the ongoing learning over the year.  The results have been very positive and all students have been given some feedback on what they might do different to continue to improve their results in next years examinations.

Year 10 camp was a great success and I would like to thank all those staff and parents that assisted in delivering this great experience for our students and the students of the satellite class.  Camp provides an opportunity for students to test themselves in different settings and learn new skills. It also assists students in forming knowledge of themselves and their peers developing positive relationships that the students will rely on in future years.

 We will be making a number of changes to our school administration system at the beginning of next year and will be communicating with students and parents with regards to these changes. As part of this we will be changing how we process our billable items and school accounts. We will not be able to carry all of the details of current accounts into the new system so we would ask that parents look closely at their accounts to address any queries before the end of the year.

Our junior prize-giving will be on Tuesday 12 December. A reminder to all students and parents that this is a compulsory school event and that end of year reports will be provided to students after prize giving. Part of what makes our community so successful is the engagement in the celebration and acknowledgement of success. Junior prize-giving is a great celebration of the success that students have experienced and a wonderful way to conclude our school year.


God Bless


Jarlath Kelly