Principal's Comment

posted 4 Mar 2018, 19:55 by Karyn Dykes

Kia ora koutou katoa

 It has been a really positive start to the year and we have great energy around the College after having an excellent holiday break.  I have been really pleased with how students have been making our new students welcome to the College and being made to feel part of the Verdon whanau.

 We are in a very positive situation of the College with being full to capacity; however, this has meant that we have had to turn down a significant number of applications from students and families wishing to attend Verdon College. I have spoken to

students about respecting the position they have at the College, given that others have been unable to gain a place and to ensure that they are working hard to making the most of their opportunities and meeting College expectations for learning, conduct and uniform.

 We will be working throughout the year assisting students to meet the expectation of the Verdon College has got SOUL concept and also those simple expectations of students. About being an engaged and fully involved member of our community. This will include expectations to attend and be positively engaged in school events such as house picnics, school masses, athletics day and school retreats.

 We are expecting that having enrolled at Verdon, students and families see the importance of students attending these events, supporting all aspects of our school community and that we are all working to ensure the full engagement of the whole community in everything we do.

 We have made some adjustments to the College structures and pastoral time this year.  The purpose of these changes is to improve our pastoral support for students and give more

focussed opportunities for student such as leadership and study relevant to each age group. Year 7 and 12 students will work together as will year 8 and 13 students in Tuakana Teina groups.  Year 9 and 10 students will work together in groups focusing on such things as peer relationships, resilience and internet safety. Year 11 will be in Ako groups focused on study skills and NCEA. 

 I have included the Verdon College has Got SOUL expectations so parents can be aware of how we are articulating our community expectations to students on a day to day basis.

 We are looking forward to another excellent year at the College

 God Bless

 Jarlath Kelly