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19 November 2013


The Board of Trustees would like to update you of the development of the satellite classrooms of Ruru Special School on the Verdon College site.  This project has been in development over the last seven years as part of our agreement with the Ministry of Education when we took over the Bishop Verdon Block for our junior school.  This project is nearing completion and students from Ruru School will likely be on site from February 2014.


Students with special needs currently enrolled in Verdon College will not be part of these classes and will continue to be mainstreamed as they always have at Verdon College and the College will continue to enrol our students with special needs into mainstream classes as we always have.  This satellite will only provide education for students enrolled specifically at Ruru School.


As a Catholic College we see it as very much in keeping with our Special Character to be working in partnership with Ruru School towards the integration of their young people into the wider community.  The management of Ruru School and Verdon College have developed effective processes to manage the ongoing operation of the Satellite on the Verdon College site.


Some specific details of the development are:


·         Students attending the Verdon Satellite will be between 10 and 14 years of age, consistent to the ages of mainstream students at Verdon in years 7 to 10.


·         The Verdon Satellite will consist of two classrooms located in a prefab situated adjacent to the entrance to the Science and Dominic blocks.


·         Each of the two Verdon Satellite classrooms will cater for between 6 –9 students from Ruru School.


·         Students from Ruru School attending the Verdon Satellite will be integrated into our community will wear the Verdon uniform and where appropriate access school occasions and possibly some option classes with the other students.


If you have any questions in relation to this project please feel free to contact me directly,, or feedback directly to one of our board members.


God Bless



Jarlath Kelly